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"How much can I handle?"


"How good can it get?" 


If you're ready to stop feeling overwhelmed, unfulfilled, and insecure, so you can create the next chapter of your life with clarity and confidence, you're in the right place.   

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Does this sound familiar? 

  • On the outside it seems like you have it all but on the inside you still don't feel like you measure up

  • You've checked the boxes of success and feel like something's missing

  • You're at a crossroads and aren't sure what you really want

  • You feel like you're constantly running, with no end in sight

  • Work/life balance feels like an impossible goal

  • Somewhere along the way you feel like you've lost yourself


It's Ok.  I can help.  


I use a combination of cognitive psychology, feminist coaching principles, and a dash of somatic tools to help you uncover your own inner wisdom, build confidence, and create more of the calm you're seeking. 

Coaching Can Help You...

  • Believe deeply that you are good enough, no matter what.
  • Say no to people and commitments that feel like shoulds, in order to make room for more “hell yesses” like solo vacations, work projects that light you up, or even taking a nap.  
  • Commit to what you want, like sticking to a regular exercise routine or finishing a dissertation, no matter how many other things you find to do that sound much more fun at the moment.  
  • Simplify your schedule, freeing up 10+ hours a week that you can spend doing what you truly enjoy.  
  • Show up to any situation believing in yourself so you no longer lose sleep worrying about what’s coming up on the calendar.  
  • Stop trying to control what other people think of you - forever. 
  • Save money because you no longer have to escape your emotions by eating all of the M&Ms in the pantry, online shopping, or having just one more drink to feel better. 
  • Make more money by learning how to identify and dismantle imposter syndrome when it comes up so that you can ask for the raise you know you deserve.  
  • Have the confidence to show up fully present in job interviews and ask for the salary and title you want.  
  • Reclaim the word “selfish” so you can actually take care of yourself by taking a nap or going for a walk instead of doing the dishes, making that last client phone call, or responding to emails at 2am. 
  • Set boundaries and stick to them so that you have the time and energy to do what you love, like write, make music, or get in the craft room. 
  • Set bigger goals and achieve them, because you no longer let fear hold you back. 
  • Gain confidence and clarity around your life's purpose as you step into what you are meant to do in the world.  

Client Testimonials - 


I'm so much more confident and was reminded of who I am and that’s exactly what I needed.  (Coaching with Amanda) really made a lot of difference in getting my feet back under me. 

- Jenn S.


Working with Amanda is one of the best decisions I’ve made. With her guidance and wisdom, I’m remembering to not carry the weight of the world on my shoulders, to trust myself, and to rebuild joy back into my life. If you identify as a woman who is feeling overwhelmed, unfulfilled, apathetic, and/or like there should be more, book in a call. You don’t have to go at this crazy world alone!

- Carla A. 


Before working with Amanda,  I was anxious about the future and really unsure of my next steps career-wise. I’d spent my whole life working toward a singular goal and I had done what I set out to achieve and didn’t know where to do from there. 

She helped me uncover what I really want from life. I’ve been working to actively include more things in my life that bring me joy. And I’m working on trusting that things will be ok.

- Kate S. 


My favorite part of working with Amanda are those "aha" moments I experience in every session. Those moments when, thanks to Amanda's supportive coaching, I learn to recognize yet another long-held thought pattern that has been keeping me stuck. I am learning so much from Amanda and hope that many other women get to experience the amazing work that you do! 

- Margaret M.  


I was afraid that I didn't have what it takes to face some of the challenges that life is bound to throw my way. I was also afraid of taking decisive action towards what I felt I really wanted for my life.  Amanda would simplify my fears and challenge me with curiosity. Why does it have to be this hard? What if it were easier? And when I looked at challenges in this way it "took me off the hook", alleviated some of the pressure I was putting on myself. It cleared away my limiting thoughts and opened up my heart and made room for love to do the work. 

- Tailani S. 


The biggest gift from coaching with Amanda has been being able to identify and alter the thoughts that are holding me back. Doing so has allowed me to break free from the story I would tell myself, and make the changes I want to see in my life.

- Kay F. 


After our call last night it really hit me how much of the pain I was feeling was coming from me rejecting myself and feeling like I had let myself down. It’s not my parents and not my siblings (rejecting me). It’s me. I want to have achieved this promotion already (like yesterday) to prove to myself that I am worthy and allow myself to feel proud. So much awareness that I want to hold on to! Its fun to do this work with you.

- Michelle M. 

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Amanda Ryan Fear, D. ED


My passion is helping women learn how to manage their thoughts and habits so they can build a life they truly love. I know it's possible because I'm doing it.


Our generation has been told we can have it all, and we’re learning that’s true, but there’s a price.  We constantly feel exhausted and behind in all areas of our life when we try. Taking care of ourselves goes out the window in order to get everything else done. The perfectionistic tendencies that got us the good grades, the good jobs, and the praise and approval are now ruining our health, friendships, and well-being.


My coaching work was born out of my own experience as a Type-A overachiever who had checked all of the life boxes (Ivy League education, marriage, homeownership, professional advancement...) and found myself wondering why I still didn't feel fulfilled.  


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