Pivot from burnout to purpose-driven passion.  Let's discover your dream career together.  

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You've Achieved a Lot in Your Life But You Feel Like Something is Missing

You've spent most of your life checking off the boxes of success:

  • the career
  • the promotion
  • the family
  • the home 

And now you're wondering 
"Is this all there is?"

Instead of feeling fulfilled and happy, you mainly feel tired and overwhelmed. 

And the clock keeps ticking. 

Perhaps you've had a crisis in your life like a health challenge or death of a loved one that has made you realize just how short life is.

You're tired of trading your time for money. 

You're tired of putting on a mask each day just to get through the day. 

You know you could be successful at pretty much anything you do with enough time and diligence, but success alone isn't enough. 

You want work that makes your soul sing. 

You want to make a difference.  

I can help.



Before working with Amanda,  I was anxious about the future and really unsure of my next steps career-wise. I’d spent my whole life working toward a singular goal and I had done what I set out to achieve and didn’t know where to do from there. 

She helped me uncover what I really want from life. I’ve been working to actively include more things in my life that bring me joy. And that has led me to a career that is TRULY fulfilling. 

- Kate S. 

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Hi, I'm Amanda

My passion is helping women fall in love with their lives. I know it's possible because I'm doing it.

Our generation has been told we can have it all, but we’ve discovered that comes with a price.  We constantly feel exhausted and behind in all areas of our life. Taking care of ourselves goes out the window in order to get everything else done. The perfectionistic tendencies that got us the good grades, the good jobs, and the praise and approval are now ruining our health, friendships, and well-being.

My coaching work was born out of my own experience as a Type-A overachiever who had checked all of the life boxes (Ivy League education, marriage, homeownership, professional advancement...) and found myself wondering why I still didn't feel fulfilled. 

It wasn't until the death of a close family member that I realized how short life is and started to ask myself "what do I really want?"

I went on a personal development journey that led me to re-connecting with myself and finding work that I truly love, now I help other women do the same. 

I can help you create the life you WANT to live, even if you have no idea where to start.  


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