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Equine Assisted Coaching combines activities with a horse on the ground with expert mindset coaching so you can experience powerful breakthroughs. An experiential journey where the horse, as co-teacher and guide, provides immediate insight into your relationship with yourself and others.


No previous horse experience is required as everything happens on the ground at a distance you’re comfortable with, even if it’s on the other side of the fence.


Join us for an introductory session at Seahorse Farms in Sherwood, Oregon. 


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Introducing Equine Assisted Coaching at Seahorse Farms


What is equine assisted coaching? 

Equine assisted coaching is an interactive session where participants learn and grow through interactions with horses.  

Who is equine assisted coaching for? 

Anyone of any age can experience equine-assisted coaching. It can be a tool for growth and healing, as well as better self-awareness. It is also great for growing confidence and relationship skills. You don’t have to be a horse person to benefit. There’s learning and growth potential for all!  



Discover Your True Potential with the Power of Horses

Are you seeking a transformative journey that combines personal growth with the wisdom of nature's most magnificent creatures?

Welcome to Equine Assisted Coaching at Seahorse Farms: A one-of-a-kind life coaching program that harnesses the intuitive power of horses to guide you towards self-discovery, personal fulfillment, empowerment, and lasting change.

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Why Horses?

Horses are highly perceptive and they are always honest. As prey and herd animals, horses are acutely aware of our emotional, mental and energetic states. They naturally perceive this information and immediately reflect it back to us, helping us to see ourselves more clearly.  

Horses are unbiased and non-judgmental. Horses see us and accept us exactly as we are, without judgment or bias. They challenge us to step up in a non-threatening way. 

Horses live in the present moment. Unlike humans, who are easily distracted by their own thoughts and emotions (What am I having for dinner tonight? Do these people think I’m weird?), horses live in the moment and can be with participants 100%. They are excellent listeners. 

My Approach

  • Horses as Coaches: Our horses are more than companions; they become your life coaches. Working in a controlled and supportive environment,¬†you will¬†experience powerful interactions with the horses, fostering trust, respect, and communication.
  • Personalized Guidance:¬†Each individual's journey is unique. Your program will be tailored to address your specific needs, aspirations, and challenges. Together, we embark on a personalized roadmap to growth and fulfillment.
  • Experiential Learning:¬†Equine Assisted Coaching is not your typical therapy or coaching session. It's an experiential learning process, encouraging you to be present in the moment, discover your emotions, and tap into your inner wisdom. The wisdom of horses becomes a catalyst for your growth.
  • Building Emotional Resilience: As prey animals, horses possess remarkable instincts for survival. By observing their behavior and interacting with them, you'll learn to cultivate emotional resilience, leadership, and assertiveness.
  • Non-Judgmental Environment: Our equine partners offer a safe, non-judgmental space where you can explore your vulnerabilities, fears, and aspirations freely. The acceptance and support you receive from the horses will help you break down barriers and move towards a more authentic version of yourself.


Benefits of Equine Assisted Coaching

**Emotional Regulation:** Horses are highly sensitive animals that can mirror human emotions, making them excellent partners for learning emotional regulation skills. Interacting with horses can help you recognize and manage your emotions effectively.

**Communication Skills:** Working with horses requires clear communication, both verbal and nonverbal. Equine-assisted coaching can enhance communication skills such as active listening, assertiveness, and clarity in conveying messages.

**Confidence Building:** Horses respond to confident and assertive behavior. Through activities like grooming, leading, or riding, you can develop self-confidence and assertiveness, as you learn to effectively interact with these large animals.

**Leadership Development:** Leading a horse requires assertiveness, decisiveness, and effective communication ‚Äď all crucial aspects of leadership. Equine-assisted coaching can help¬†you develop leadership skills by guiding and directing horses in various tasks.

**Stress Reduction:** Spending time in nature and interacting with animals has been shown to reduce stress levels. Equine-assisted coaching provides a calming environment where you can relax, unwind, and focus on the present moment, reducing stress and anxiety.

**Boundary Setting:** Horses respond to clear boundaries and consistent behavior. Engaging with horses can help you learn to set healthy boundaries in relationships and work environments, fostering healthier interactions and communication with others.

**Problem Solving:** Equine-assisted activities often involve challenges or obstacles that require problem-solving skills. By working through these challenges with horses, you can develop critical thinking, creativity, and resilience in overcoming obstacles.

**Self-Awareness:** Horses are highly attuned to human body language and emotions, providing immediate feedback to behaviors and attitudes. Gain insights into your own emotions, behaviors, and patterns, leading to increased self-awareness and personal growth.

**Empathy and Compassion:** Understanding the needs and perspectives of horses can cultivate empathy and compassion in individuals. Equine-assisted coaching encourages participants to consider the feelings and well-being of the horses, fostering greater empathy and compassion towards both animals and humans.

**Teamwork and Collaboration:** Many equine-assisted activities involve teamwork, where individuals must collaborate to achieve common goals. Working together with horses can enhance teamwork skills such as cooperation, coordination, and mutual support, valuable not only in personal development but also in professional settings.

These are just some of the ways in which equine-assisted coaching can support you in your personal growth, emotional well-being, and interpersonal skills development.

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No Horse Experience Required

All sessions are conducted from the ground from a distance you feel comfortable, even if it's on the other side of the fence.  You'll arrive for your session at our farm in beautiful Sherwood, Oregon, and will likely be greeted by the horses' gentle nickering as they greet you (probably expecting a treat).  You can leave everything you've been worrying about at the gate as you meet your equine partner and start to get to know each other.  From there we'll explore what you'd like to work on and let the magic happen.  

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About Your Coach

Dr. Amanda Ryan-Fear is an advanced certified mindset coach and equine assisted coaching facilitator who has spent most of her life connecting with horses.  She grew up on a 20 acre horse farm where her mother rode and trained Saddlebreds and Morgans.  One of Amanda's earliest life coaches was her pony, Flicka, who taught Amanda some of her first lessons in life and leadership.  Amanda now lives on a small farm of her own where she facilitates connections between humans and horses.  

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