From Overwhelmed Mess to Badass Success

Does this sound familiar? 


  • On the outside it seems like you have it all but on the inside you still don't feel like you measure up

  • You thought once you got your current job you would feel more confident, but you have more self-doubt than ever before

  • You feel like you're constantly running, with no end in sight

  • Work/life balance feels like an impossible goal

  • Somewhere along the way you feel like you've lost yourself


If you're the boss, why do you worry so much about what everyone else thinks of you?


Create the Inner Confidence to Match Your Outer Achievements


Hi, I'm Dr. Amanda Ryan-Fear and I'm a heart-centered leadership coach. 




Just a life built on your own terms.  

For years I spent my time and energy trying to gain the approval of others.  The highest praise for me was when someone else would say "I don't know how you do it all."  I had the degrees, the family, the home, and the stress.  

I was a perfectionistic, people-pleasing mess.  My brain controlled the show:

You're not good enough

You didn't do it right

Other people will know you have no idea what you're doing 

You get the idea.  I was living my life from the outside in, meaning I was doing the mental gymnastics of trying to figure out what other people would think for every decision I made.  My brain was on overdrive and not suprisingly, so was my anxiety. 

I was burned out, stressed out, and stuck. 

I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life but I knew I couldn't keep living at this pace. 

It wasn't until I learned to manage my thinking that I could quell the anxiety, quiet my mind, and get some energy back. 

When my mind wasn't constantly ruminating I could access more of ME.  I call it my heart, that small voice that knows exactly what it wants and never steers me wrong if I listen to it. 

Then, last November I was forced to focus on my heart.  I found myself in the emergency room with an aortic dissection, a rare event that only 3% of people survive.  I had emergency open heart surgery and am grateful to still be alive.  Throughout my recovery I had to learn to listen to my heart both literally and figuratively. 

My life experiences have been the inspiration for my coaching programs. 

The coaching work I do comes in two phases: 

First, I teach you how to work with your brain so you're no longer at the mercy of limiting beliefs, fear, and negative thinking. 

Then, I teach you how to access that quiet voice inside of you, your heart, the one that knows your next steps.  I will work with you side by side as you create your biggest dreams.  

Life is short, my friends.  Don't waste another second of it settling for a life that's merely ok.  You came here to SHINE.  I can help.  


The first step is to get on my calendar for a free Confidence Assessment Call.  

We'll discuss your aspirations and how boosting your confidence can fast-track your journey, even if you’ve tried everything before. It's time to reclaim your confidence and own your path!

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I'm so much more confident and was reminded of who I am and that’s exactly what I needed.  (Coaching with Amanda) really made a lot of difference in getting my feet back under me. 

- Jenn S.