Clear the Noise 

Stop Constant Self-Criticism in 5 Days

Life’s too short to let your inner mean girl run the show.  Constant self-criticism can completely debilitate you from taking action, leading to social anxiety, fear of judgement, feelings of fear, shame, guilt and even depression.

Over time that means earning less money, less job (and life satisfaction), and feeling like you're constantly stuck with no way out. 

You can learn to stop the constant self-criticism so that you can experience more confidence, ease, and joy as you go after what you really want from life. 

Life isn't about doing everything perfectly so you never make a mistake.  

It's about being a full-on messy human. 

You didn't want to be a robot anyway.  

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Stop Getting In Your Own Way.  


You've accomplished a lot in your life.  Not because of the mean voice in your head that tells you to keep going, but despite of it.

Imagine what you could accomplish if you could take more risks without fear of failure, have genuine self-confidence, and tap into what you really want from your life? 

You'd be unstoppable. 


It all starts with turning down the volume on your inner critic. 

Here are some of the changes you can expect:

  • Be kinder to yourself and still get sh*t done
  • Leave work at work so you can focus on who and what is most important in your life
  • Stop living in imposter syndrome and really own your badass self AND your accomplishments, without fear or shame (even in job interviews).

  • Create consistent confidence at work, without faking it ‘til you make it, earning another degree, or getting promoted.  

  • Get the fulfillment you want without quitting your job, leaving your partner or burning it all down. 


Stop Constant Self-Criticism Online Course

Get back in the driver's seat of your life.

Build the confidence you need to get there. 

Module 1


Most of the time we're not even aware of the negative talk-track going on in our brains.  Your thoughts are like Muzak at the grocery store:  you only notice them when they're either really good or really bad. The problem is, the constant undercurrent of self-critical thinking is costing you big in terms of your quality of life and what you could really achieve.  

Today you'll learn the simple tool that gives my clients the most leverage in managing the self-critical voice that's always telling them they aren't good enough and aren't doing enough.   

Module 2


 Having a human brain means that fear is a constant companion. 

Constant self-criticism and beating yourself up are your brain's weird way of protecting you.  The logic is that if you did something and then felt shame about it, somehow by constantly thinking about that thing and making yourself feel the shame again and again you're protecting yourself from feeling shame in the future. 

It doesn't make a lot of logical sense, but this is what we do all day every day. 

Fear is basically shame insurance.  If you're afraid to do something where you might fail and feel shame, then you probably won't do it. 

Today you'll learn a simple tool for navigating fear when it comes up so that you no longer let it hold you back.  


Module 3



What if self-criticism just wasn't an option?  Committing to having your own back no matter what is a game changer. 

The opposite of self-criticism is self-trust.  They're like opposing muscles:  if one is really strong the other is likely to be really weak.  

If you're superpower is beating yourself up, you probably have no idea how to be kind to yourself. 

But if you can be kind to yourself no matter what happens, miracles occur and life gets SO much better.  

Learn how today. 

Module 4



What if there was no way for you to fail?  What would you try?  What would you accomplish?  

Fear of failure is the #1 reason most people don't go after what they truly want, whether it's a promotion, starting their own business, or simply asking their partner to pick up the kids so they have more time for themselves.  

Today you'll learn how to failure proof yourself.

Module 5


You know all of those personal development books you've read, webinars you've watched, and other challenges you've done, where you get some good information but nothing actually changes in your life? 

That's not going to happen here.  

This challenge is designed so that you not only get the information you're looking for, but the TRANSFORMATION you need.  

Today we put it all together so you can walk confidently into the next week like, "I got this." 


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My mission in life is to liberate women from the limiting beliefs that are holding them back from living their most amazing lives.  

You need more than time management tools and feel-good affirmations.  You need practical tools to feel more confident, calm, and in control right now.  I've got you. 

You can have the life that you want.  One that's no longer based on striving or hustling but one that's based on your own inner power.  

You can learn to show up as your full, messy human self and still move mountains.  You don't have to get it all right in order to feel good about yourself or get anything done.  

I teach a simple and life-changing process to deprogram limiting beliefs, build new thoughts that actually serve you, and create any change you want in your life.



Learn how to stop beating yourself up at every turn so that you can accomplish more of what you want without the constant overwhelm and insecurity. 


What you get: 

  • 5 modules that include actionable video lessons and handouts on tools you can use for the rest of your life
  • A clearer head, less self-doubt, and more energy for what matters most. 
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