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The key to more productivity with less stress and overwhelm isn't better time management, it's all about how you manage your energy. 

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The 5 Insider Secrets for High Achieving Women to go From Anxious, Overwhelmed and Insecure to Confident, Calm and Empowered ...


(Without spending any more time or money on expensive therapy or self-help books.)

On this webinar you will learn a step by step game plan to become confident, calm, and empowered without spending more time or money on therapy, self-help books, or time management seminars.  

The real reason why you don’t have the confidence you want, even with all you have achieved.

How to have natural confidence, right away, without needing to achieve anything more to prove that you are worthy of respect. 

How you can finally overcome that nagging inner critic, so you never again experience debilitating self-doubt in your personal and professional life.

Why understanding the root of your anxiety is NOT a good strategy for overcoming it and how you can have unshakeable confidence, starting TODAY.  

How to stop living in imposter syndrome and really own your badass self AND your accomplishments, without fear or shame (even in job interviews).

The secret to creating bulletproof confidence at work, without faking it ‘til you make it, earning another degree, or getting promoted.  

How my clients finally get the fulfillment they want without quitting their jobs, leaving their partner, or starting all over again… and the secret technique that makes it happen, practically overnight.  

And how to do all of this, without pretending to be someone you’re not.  

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Ever wonder why, despite seeming to have it all on the outside, on the inside you never feel like you measure up? Do you feel you’re on a hamster wheel of work, family obligations, and the general monotony of life and wonder how you can keep it all up until you can retire? Want the second phase of your life to blow your mind with how good it can be? This podcast is for motivated women who have checked all the boxes of success, yet still feel overwhelmed, unfulfilled, and stuck. Join Dr. Amanda Ryan Fear, Advanced Certified Mindset Coach each week to unlock your power.

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Is finding work-life balance something you’re constantly striving for? What does the end destination of “balance” even look like to you?

The notion that keeps getting rehashed in our society about how women have to “balance” their careers and lives is an extremely economical and gendered one. Men have historically never been questioned on their work-life balance being a problem, and so this week, I’m inviting you to back up with me as we dig into what “balance” is and why it’s supposedly a good thing.

To discuss what it means to find “balance,” I’m introducing you to four of my Advanced Certification in Feminist Coaching students Amanda, Emily, Julie, and Linda. They’re sharing where they see their clients seeking more balance in their lives, how they consider it in relationship to thought work, and the power of taking it off their to-do list.

Unlearning Patriarchal Programming with Dr. Amanda Ryan-Fear

Done with Dieting with Elizabeth Sherman

In today’s podcast, we’re going to dig into some of the messages that we’ve received as women including:

What does it mean to be a woman? What unconscious rules do we feel like we have to abide by? How does feminism tie into body image and so much more?!

I am super excited to introduce you to Dr. Amanda Ryan-Fear - Women’s Leadership & Feminist Coach as we explore the reasons why so many women are dissatisfied with their bodies & pursue weight loss as the means that will help us feel better about them.

Listen in as we approach weight loss from a different angle than we have before.